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Lunar Eclipse May 2021

That Sagittarius Full Moon was coming in hard and fast. The Lunar eclipse was going to blanket it, and I knew, just knew what that meant. The veil would be removed, because after all, Mercury was up to his old tricks, he was about to go retrograde. So I felt that pre-shadow hard. I knew he was leaking in the shadows.

But, it was too late. Usually is by the time it hits anyway right? The things that didn’t need to be revealed were, and they looked a lot uglier than they actually were. The freedom that solitude brings wasn’t there to embrace me. But the shame and guilt of partnership wrapped itself completely around me.

Things got worse before they got better, but I stayed busy. I didn’t let it control anymore than I could manage. Don’t get me wrong, I slipped up a couple times, but I was able to put a handle on it. So, needless to say, it came with a cost. But nothing some patchwork and paint can’t help. But the memory is there, none the less.

You can really get lost when you allow yourself to be concrete long enough in an identity. But things change, I’ve grown, I’ve experienced more, I’ve felt more pain, but I’ve felt more love than anything. I’m blessed beyond measure. And the fact that I can live in gratitude, brings me countless abundance.

Communication, emotions, expansion, respecting the darkness of the shadows. They truly are a fallow field. Something that was there all along, that the Spirit of the Universe kept dropping in my lap, became my guiding light. Now I recognize it. Now I live in it. You can’t spell Revolution without Evolution, and I continue to evolve. Just as the Moon hits every phase over and over, I experience every phase. After all, I am her child. I embrace it.

Now I shine brighter than I ever did, because I shine from within.

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